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About Us

Rotor Lab specialises in the precision manufacturing of high-performance propulsion systems designed for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), with a focus on serving both commercial and defence sectors. Our comprehensive product range encompasses outrunner BLDC motors, generators, starters, and associated accessories. The exceptional attributes of our drive systems, including unparalleled robustness, an impressive power-to-weight ratio, efficiency, and compactness, render them exceptionally well-suited for demanding professional and defence applications in challenging environments.

Our motor solutions can be customised to meet the specific requirements of our clients. This includes tailored adjustments to shaft, housing, number of poles, winding, cooling, IP rating, and more. These personalized configurations enable us to engineer the most efficient solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Our engineering team collaborates closely with you, providing essential technical support and guidance for seamless system integration.

Rotor Lab proudly manufactures all our products in Australia, adhering to a stringent quality system to ensure the highest standards across our offerings.

Our Story

Based in Canberra, Rotor lab was founded in 2022. Our team is compromised of UAV industry experts from diverse backgrounds who were brought together by the common goal of reshaping the sovereign Australian UAV component manufacturing landscape.

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